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Posted on 17, February 2014 04:57:03 in the category Frankly Speaking
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Today we know and meet many people in search of employment. They need a job, they want to work they need to secure a good job to enable them build a career, make ends meet and achieve their dreams in life.

We all keep looking for opportunities and seek ways to improve our lot in career. We look out for the best organizations with the best structures, resources and remuneration package, and we do all within our power to secure employment into such lucrative organizations.

Of course we look at our dreams and how we can actualize these dreams and the immediate option for many of us after school is a good job - termed good purely from the angle of what we can get in terms of salary and allowances not really what we can give.

Understandably so, considering the very challenging economic climate of our nation; graduates today need nothing short of a miracle to stabilize within a year or two after graduation.

Think with me as a fresh graduate just done with NYSC with no job experience, no income or adequate financial support from family or relatives.

It could be quite daunting considering the fact one needs to feed, clothe, move around and sustain ones-self without an employment. For many daring and ambitious fresh graduates, they do not return to their parents’ house post NYSC; they’ll want to probably share a place with a friend or a relative until they’re able to rent a house of their own.

As they go around the streets of major cities in Nigeria where the opportunities appear to be more, the daily cost of job search in movement, internet browsing, phone calls and mails become a big deal because they earn no income and are very reluctant bothering parents to still support them after service year.

The fact that they’re unemployed doesn’t mean they’ll cease to be hungry or wouldn’t need clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, toiletries and even medical attention when necessary.

The frustration could also be compounded by the reality of employers requiring a certain age limit which one have exceeded on the account of frequent long strikes while still in school.

After a while, even the very considerate and nice host who decided to accommodate you will begin to become impatient if your employment is not coming as quickly as anticipated and tension, misunderstanding and discomfort will begin to mar your relationship with this person who offered you free accommodation on arrival post NYSC.

After much ado, you get lucky and gain an employment; the next phase of the pressure begins when you’re paid salaries monthly; but a landlord expects you; a fresh employee to pay rent for one or two years including legal, agency and caution fees.

Also as soon as the employment is secured, the pressure begins to mount to start sending home some money to support your parents and siblings; the fiancée too now wants to be married as soon as possible and your host begins to subtly ask when you intend to move out to your own apartment.

All these pressure and challenges are, I believe, basically the reason why many people today; both young and old employees prioritize remuneration when considering their career journey or securing employment.

Despite this realistic situation, we shouldn’t and can’t do away or ignore the fact that employees are not looking people to pay salaries and allowances for nothing. As an employee, you must have the capacity, capability and ability to do the job you’re employed to do efficiently.

Employees do not employ based on the socio-economic situation, they do based on their need for skills, talents and competencies.

Truth is your financial need is not their main concern, your personal financial situation ought not to be their worry; employers employ people to work hard, work well, and get results then get paid for it.

As the issue of employment has become top burner in our nation today the challenge of unemployable graduate as well in my opinion is worse. Mediocrity and the need to re- educate many fresh graduates in our country today are rife.

Many graduates today have no idea or inclination about the purpose of employment and why they are working.

For many employees; both old and new, their needs and bills are the only reasons why they work. The reward; remuneration and financial prospects and possibilities are their driver.

As appropriate as it is to want to make money and be successful in life, the right thing is to also ask sincerely why any organization should employ you.

Can you ask yourself candidly this morning; why was I employed by my employer? Why exactly did they employ me, to take care of me, cater for me, pay my bills, fill up my bank account as at when due?

Frankly speaking, how do you treat your employer? You may really know the right answer in your mind that you have been employed primarily to work but in terms of your attitude to work and attitude to remuneration what are you depicting?

Truth is every employer went out in search of someone to employ because there was a need. Employers employ because they have a need to do so. They don’t employ because they have so much and are looking for ways to dispose of the abundant cash. You employers have needs; they are in need of your competence, your skills, your energy, commitment and problem solving skills.

That’s why you were employed and that’s what your employer is paying for. They don’t pay you just because you’re numbered amongst their staff or because you wear their ID card, you’re paid because you work and get results.

The reality of our socio economic life today is not the fault of employers, on the contrary they are helping the situation by working hard to remain in business hence, should not be punished by employees for doing the right thing.

Many today that are stagnant in career have remained so probably because they are really not interested in the need of their employer; they are all about themselves, consequently they can’t grow, improve and be better at their careers because they have become irrelevant. Employers don’t value them, appreciate their contributions and it’s just a matter of time before they’re out of employment.

No employer sacks a good and valuable employee; an employee who loves what he does and consistently pursues the interest of the organization will naturally be valued and respected by the employer.

Change your orientation today my friend, know you are needed by your employer and let them feel you, feel your contribution and sacrifice – your extra mile.

You can only go forward and be better by remaining needed by your employer and relevant at your place of employment.

Improved income would motivate, inspire and bring peace of mind. You sure need more money this year; you should be able to tell from rising bills and current foreign exchange values

Dear friend, remain needed, enjoy your day.

Uyouyou Agarry    18, February 2014 10:38:31

Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing this. It is high time people began to realise that being employed isn't just about meeting their own needs but also the need of their employer or organisation, this realisation will enhance a 'win-win' relationship between employee and employer. 

I observed some typo-graphical errors while reading, e.g. 'employees' used in place of employer and 'you' used in place of your. Please note. Thank you.

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