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Posted on 14, February 2014 03:24:08 in the category Frankly Speaking
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One of the most fascinating features of a good movie is a happy ending. Every time you’re seeing a movie, no matter how the story line goes, no matter how difficult, complicated, tension soaked and action packed the plot of the story is, you would always want the movie to end well. You wouldn’t want the good guy to lose out, you’ll always want the bad guy to be exposed, make a mistake and get caught. You’ll want the bad guy punished and good guy vindicated.  

The difficulty, challenges and risks in any story leading to that happy ending is what creates the suspense and pleasure in seeing the movie. When it appears as if the bad guys would win, you’re tensed and worked up, hoping the bad guy does not win or prevail over the good guy. You feel bad and sorry for the good guy when he’s going through and hope he comes out of it stronger and better in order to win.

No matter the type of movie, a happy ending always leaves you excited and happy and satisfied. So different from most horror movies where the bad guys would always have the last laugh; the fact that in horror movies the negative always prevail over the positive and the bad always overrules the good is the reason why it’s called a horror movie. Horror leaves you dreadful, fearful, dismayed, abhorrent and repulsive.

Obviously, movies are put together based on the way we are as mankind. Movies reflect our lives as people and the storyline naturally captures our lives, relationships, interactions, humanity, weaknesses, strengths, capacities and feebleness. Movies at times capture our imagination and fantasies, but in whole, movies tell the stories of our lives.

This being the case, isn’t it instructive to think and know that a life with a happy ending is what a good life should be? If we all love movies with a happy ending shouldn’t we appreciate and live lives with a happy ending?

How many of us today are seriously considering the latter years of our lives? I submit there are too many of us today, living our lives for now, for today, for the immediate and the present. We seldom pay attention to the latter years of our lives.

Every day, the world around us, our immediate society and various experiences keep instructing, guiding and teaching lessons through our life’s journeys; but it seems we have a way of shutting out the realities and embracing our preferences and fantasies.

Daily we see, speak, and interact with many people who are septuagenarians and octogenarians; people in their seventies and eighties and we see how they live their lives.

The ones who made intelligent and wise choices bequeathing inheritance and assets to their children and grandchildren, and many others who took their future for granted today, rely and black-mail their struggling offspring to cater and carry their burdens and responsibilities.

We daily see many old people who find it hard to feed, clothe and pay their accommodation and medical bills. Their children inherited nothing from them; yet must provide for them. Please my purpose is not to blame or discourage anyone from giving and supporting their parents, I’m just trying to speak frankly and bring to the fore the reality that some grand parents have actually worked hard and smart enough, such that their great grandchildren need not struggle much for anything in life because of the accomplishments of their grandparents. A man who has enough to give to his grand children can never be found in the sun or rain on a pension queue.

If today, we all can see and read daily about the sufferings and penury of the aged, who unfortunately didn’t plan well or do anything critical about the latter years of their lives; what are we now doing my friends to escape a sorrowful, lonely and poverty ridden later years of our lives?

What choices, decisions and plans do you have in place in order to be numbered amongst those who would leave that inheritance for their children’s children? Are you today full of excuses, and complaints, and blame games, holding everyone but you responsible for your non-achievement and failures in life?

You have probably given up on your dreams, hopes and aspirations because of one disappointment or the other, one betrayal or another, one let down or another, one offence or another or even a disaster; try remember the movies you see and enjoy; are the lead characters always having it easy and convenient thought the experiences?

Is it not their display of strength, passion, commitment and never-say-die attitude that makes the movie exciting and a block buster?

Are we learning anything from these movies we see every now and again? Don’t you realize your life ought to be challenged thoroughly in order for you to grow emotionally and psychologically; to attain levels and reach goals you never thought possible?

What are your current challenges in life? What are your limitations, setbacks, and frustrations? How bad are they; how bad can they get? Are you bowing to your opposition and throwing in the towel believing your life is over and you can never recover or succeed in life?

How astute are you at escaping all the challenges hurled at you in life? How stable are you mentally and emotionally?

How well can you handle, disappointments, disgrace, failure, ridicule, and betrayal?

Are you emotionally strong enough to forgive that infidelity? How psychologically strong are you to still work and bring out the best in a subordinate that obviously can’t stand you?

You know your team mates hate you, can’t stand your gifts, ability to perform and deliver, and are petrified by the likelihood of you becoming the boss; can you still ignore, forgive, overlook their gossip and plots and still make the necessary effort to work with these team members?

That wife that left you; that husband that abandoned you, that divorce, that late marriage, your being single, the in-laws that made your life miserable, the death of your spouse, that mean boss that delayed and derailed your career journey, your parents that neglected and rejected you when it really mattered, your siblings that connived and plotted against you; your lack of great skills, experience and even very sound health, would all these be good enough reasons to reject a happy ending for your life?

Think with me, what exactly do you allow to hold you, pin you down and stop you from moving on in your life?

What and who has that much influences to distract and derail you from a life with hope and great possibilities? You’re not dead yet, and you’re not in prison; even if you’re listening to me this morning from a prison cell or yard you still have hope. A living dog they say is better than a dead lion.

Come on my friend, it’s time to apply the strength of your mind over every matter and resolve to progress.

You have the year still well stretched out before you; in two years, five years, ten years and may be twenty years, where would you be?, what would your life’s story be like then?

Have you made up your mind to remain small, irrelevant and insignificant? Why are you building permanent structures with temporary situations and people?

All the people around and in your life today; making you take destructive and self-limiting decisions, where would they be in another twenty years? Do you still think they would be around you?

Dear friend it’s time to look forward and plan for tomorrow. Happy endings don’t just occur in movies, it’s usually planned in by the writer of the movies, they plan for the happy ending to make the movies exciting, interesting and worth viewing.

What happy ending do you see at the later years of your life? Would you be a true hero or plan for you, a horror movie? Think this with me my friend, enjoy your day!










Alexander Olosagbe    10, April 2014 11:12:21

After reading through ur post, truly, happy ending is a choice not a chance.

Great work! 

Kingsley Igbikiminabo    03, July 2014 14:42:38

I have been following your blogs closely since a friend of mine introduced me to it. I can attest to the fact that it is really inspiring, motivational, enticing and the quintessence of all blogs I have been reading lately. As an aspiring Speaker myself, I can connect and relate to your works. I can say that this "Piece" is one of the best I have read on your blog. I am really glad I came accross your blog. God bless you and I wish yout the very best in Life. 

Hezekiah Ogundijo    22, October 2014 11:58:21

Great work sir, I've been leaving for today in my last 5-10years of my life but since the turn of the year that i;ve been listening to your program and also reading your blogs, i think my orientation is begin to change for good, planning ahead of time to have a happy ending, Thank you much sir

alaba akintunde    23, October 2014 10:51:25

dear MA, your words are golden and i bless God's grace upon your life, thank you for blessing me, keep the flag flying!

Francis omumu    29, October 2014 14:37:34

Dear Muyiwa i am short of words to discribe you and what is inside of you after reading your post truely i have been reading and listening to speakers but you are exceptional.Like i said before now ever since i came accross your talk on radio my orientation has changed may God bless you greatly thank you.

olasunkanmi    07, November 2014 17:54:56

God bless you Muyiwa , listened to you on air this morning and am glad i did , am really ready to give it a try once more

olasunkanmi    07, November 2014 17:55:46

God bless you Muyiwa , listened to you on air this morning and am glad i did , am really ready to give it a try once more

ahmed musa    14, November 2014 12:38:55

I really appreciate you for been an aspiration and light to this generation. may the lord continue to enriched you in knowledge, inspiration and wisdom so that humanity will continue to benefit from you.


olu Oyebanjo    26, November 2014 09:20:28

I dont miss you program on Ray Power at 9 am and the Ultimate MInd on Brilla Fm in the evening. You are doing great because you are affecting lives.

joseph joseph    09, December 2014 11:52:45

bro , i need your advice. I am  a civil servant , but not happy. though , i have got some time to develop myself . I want to start my own business in the mobile gaming industry, but , I seem so slow in acquiring the skills required to start, and this makes me depressed an anxious some time.  I do not want like the kind of live I live has a salary earner. I want to be financially free like a bird,

Lawrence Isaac    11, March 2015 17:31:44

i so much appreciate the gift of God in your life and is also a previledge to say u are a great role model to me. and i will love to download your work cause your word are power motivations for me...

lydia    25, March 2015 13:13:05

Wow! all i can say is Wow.

Right now words are failing me, i dont even know what to say...God will continue to Bless you.  Although this is my first time here, and am indeed delighted to be here.

ogunsola ayobami    27, March 2015 12:20:42

Sir you are a blessing to this our generation indeed, HUM am short of word. All i could say is thank you

okezie    05, May 2015 12:34:05

vry,vry interesting.kip it up.


Temitope Adeyanju    21, May 2015 11:11:20

Hmmmm.....This is indeed "Frankly Speaking"! Mr. Muyiwa Afolabi, this piece got me shedding tears. I'm glad I read it. It's a really nice piece. 

Thank you for sharing this. God bless you and continuously refresh your mental sight.

Emmanuel Ebenehi A    01, July 2015 14:11:19

No matter the challenges in our lives the right heart & mind keep u on track. Splendid piece.

JOHN SUNDAY    13, July 2015 08:36:27

indeed you are a blessing to our generation and we will live to testify to this, because we are a living testimony to this great man of God. i really wnt to knw which of the Fm station you work with in lag as to know when to follow you on radio.... thanks sir and God bless you abundtly

Yahya Muhammad    08, September 2015 21:46:55

I Pay Respect to The Great, in other to Pave my our way for Greatness. You are Indeed an Icon of Wisdom, Blessed be onto You for this Innovative work.

Habeeb Abiola    06, October 2015 06:53:45

This piece of advise what more than a billion to me

Tobi Odeyemi    17, December 2015 19:29:14

Awe-inspiring and unabashedly provocative. This article, indeed gives me delight to conciously achieve a happy ending. I celebrate the grace of God upon your life sir!

AJIBADE HAMZAT    22, December 2015 10:16:56

This is inspiring and I am richly motivated. Happy ending is indeed a choice!

The good Lord will continue to enrich your knowledge and inspire you abundantly.

Thanks for the great work.

nimbol lombin    02, February 2016 12:15:42

Encouraging piece and I'm richly motivated to drive to achieve a happy ending. 

God bless u richly

olayiwola egberinde    01, July 2016 10:45:33

Good morning, is oursome reading to regenerate from you all the time.

You are a blessing to this generation, I am a testimony to the ministration of the revival of the mind God commission you for. More anoniting for more impartation.


olayiwola egberinde    01, July 2016 10:55:55

Oh, good and blissful ending is it. I desire one now, am going there now.My mind has been revived and feed with words that worth more than mean cash.

Olufunmi Sanusi    06, October 2016 20:13:03

Hmm! I'll write the script of my life and I'll make sure it has a happy ending

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