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It was a long day today at the office, I had a lengthy meeting with Lawrence my colleague. We finalized the details of the strategy we hope to present to this new client; we desperately need to win this account, for me it's a must do.

The traffic was so bad driving home for a Thursday. It seemed like a first Friday of the month traffic where religious people drive towards different gatherings and centers for vigils.

I got home a bit late and didn't really like that; knowing I had to go out that evening again.

A friend just launched a jewelry line and was having an exhibition at Radisson Blue tonight. He's been sending me reminders all week and asked I also invite a few friends and colleagues who may appreciate his designs.

The night was cool and clear and I felt so nice and warm inside. I observed all the beautiful jewelry on display and was taken in by the details of the craft while imagining each set with one outfit or another in my wardrobe.

While engrossed in this, Morayo, a friend I invited tapped me from behind and I reached out to her for an embrace.

"What took you so long? You ought to have been here over an hour ago you know”.

I gave her this prying look but stopped when I noticed her eyes were blood shot; she had been crying.

"Is it a crime to love someone?” Mo asked?

"How do I tell my heart who to or not to love?” she said.

"Not again” I replied, irritated.

"This thing you have with Olamide will send you to an early grave if you are not careful” I blurted.

"I don't know why you've refused to put an end to all this nonsense. It's causing you more hurt than is good for you. Besides you know my stand on the idea of dating married men, they are no good for anything. It is morally, spiritually and psychologically wrong.” I began to preach again

The tears began to pour all the way down her cheeks. She rushed off to the ladies and I followed her closely behind.

The tears kept flowing for a few more minutes and I stood there looking at her; pitiful I thought and shook my head every once in a while, eventually, I embraced her.

The exhibition was soon over and we said our goodbyes to my friend, the host and other few friends I had invited. Mo and I walked together to the parking lot.

"I am going to leave him” she said

"I don't know how, but I will certainly leave him”.

I gave her a nod in agreement, with a smile on my face, "come with me, come crash at my place for a while, it might help” I suggested. She came into the car and I engaged my gear and drove off towards third mainland bridge, heading home.

I felt much like a more matured person afterwards. I think I handled Mo and her issues appropriately; no castigation, judging or verbal attacks; just empathy. It can be really tough – falling in love with someone you'll likely never call your own

Its Friday, the meeting today was crazy! I ignore the side remarks and funny stare I got from some of my male colleagues when my ideas were adopted and I was appointed to lead the pitch team mandated to win that account.

The only liberal male colleague at my office is Lawrence, well that's a topic for another day.

Mo is shacking up at my place for a while to recover from Olamide her married so called lover. The poor thing is still trying to gather her strength to call it off.

I don't know who or what to blame when it comes to this thing called love. The feeling itself or the men involved? Hmm.

You meet a guy and he tells you how much his life is a mess and incomplete without you; how he needs you to help make things perfect and alright. You are on the phone chatting and checking up on each other all day and night, then suddenly, he's not excited about you any longer. You try so hard to figure out what's gone wrong and when you bring it up for discuss, he either waves it off or tells you, you are being a woman.

Hello, I am a woman! Isn't it obvious?

I used to be like Mo once, but I learnt my lesson the hard way.

The thing is this, Olamide doesn't believe Mo loves him for real and she's ready to do anything for him. Mo says he thinks she's all about what she can get from him - a gold digger kind of impression. When as a matter of fact his wife is the gold digger for real, she doesn't care about him one bit, all she's about is help spend his money. His wife has really got his ‘mugu' buttons. She would cry and put up so much drama each time they had a misunderstanding and would not sleep making every move to reconcile until all was well again. Hmmm

Each time Mo complained about this woman; feeling really sorry for Lamide the husband; a man she really loves, I felt sorry for her; she is in love with Lamide and she's trying so hard to let him see that he was all that mattered to her. Not his cars, money or position.

I suppose she is now tired.

Truth is, you can hardly control yourself in matters of love and affection, especially when you're lonely and he comes across as super nice. You can only try to protect your heart from a terrible hurt but most times we let go; we see trouble coming yet can't help ourselves and we let them hurt us with our eyes wide open, loneliness is hard, love is tough.


My name is Evelyn Opara, My friends call me Eve, I am a single woman in my mid-20s; this is my life.





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