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Tricia was all by herself at home that Friday evening. She was bored, lonely and irritated. She arrived at Lagos that morning from Asaba to come spend the weekend with her fiancé Johnson in Lagos. They hadn't seen each other since their introduction three weeks earlier and as the wedding plans were becoming more intense it was quite imperative she came to Lagos to dot the Is and cross the Ts on their wedding plans, the agreement was for the ceremony to hold by the end of the year.

Tricia, age 27, a banker worked at Asaba, Delta state. She studied Banking and Finance at Uniport and after her service year two years ago secured employment with one of the leading banks in Nigeria.

A very intelligent, focused and hardworking lady; passionate and diligent, she was a lady with high self-esteem who believed so much in herself, her potentials and possibilities. She loved her job and looked ahead towards a very bright future as a successful banker. She was doing so well and had enjoyed rapid promotion in the last two years; a very attractive lady with good gait, charismatic and professional in her approach to work and life. Good looking with a respectable demeanor. Her relationship and interactive skills earn her respect everywhere with everyone, even with older folks; male and female alike. Tricia had a presence befitting of a bank MD. As serious minded and respectable as she appeared; her rimless glasses, soft spoken nature and low dark baby curls contradict her strong personality making her approachable, lovable and mild.

Her fiancé Johnson used to be her friend right from their university days; he was two years ahead of her and they've been friends right from her 100 level. Johnson studied Geology and works with an oil company. A determined and hardworking young man; not too good looking but he's got the best height, physique and voice; metallic and strong to hear. He was sexy.

Though the duo had agreed to spend the weekend together to make proper plans for the oncoming wedding ceremony, incidentally Johnson was re-scheduled again to go work his two weeks offshore to relieve a colleague who unfortunately had taken ill in Port-Harcourt, so while Tricia was on her way to Lagos, Johnson was on his way to Port-Harcourt but since she was already on her way and had nothing serious doing in Asaba she continued to Lagos. She also had it in mind to go to the market in Lagos and check out some fabrics and gift items against the wedding.

Since she arrived late that morning, she's been talking and chatting with Johnson. She was all alone in his apartment in VI, though she went to the market earlier that afternoon, after she returned, she's been all by herself at home. She scarcely knew anyone in Lagos so she was at home, lonely and idle. She read some books for a while, slept for a while, chatted with friends for a while and by 8pm began to watch TV.

Tricia was a bit irritated and disappointed she missed her fiancé and their plan didn't work out as expected. He is now in Port-Harcourt and here she was in Lagos all alone, knowing no one, feeling so bored and lonely.

The evening was very hot and the assumption it would rain later considering the intensity of the sun that afternoon was an illusion; it didn't rain, the sky was clear and the heat intense with no wind whatsoever.

The air conditioner in Johnson's sitting area wouldn't just work and Tricia wanted to watch TV to distract herself hence she remained there and turned on the standing fan.

She flipped through all the TV channels but found nothing interesting; then she turned to cartoon network and stumbled on pinky and the brain; a very old hilarious cartoon she used to enjoy back in the days as a little girl. She smiled and began to watch.

The episodes of this cartoon ran back to back and she began to enjoy this distraction and was beginning to enjoy herself. At the end of every episode, pinky would ask brain as usual, ‘what are we doing tomorrow?' and as usual brain would reply, ‘we're taking over the world' Tricia mimicked this closing remark and laughed to herself.

The cartoon began to distract her from the heat, loneliness and boredom and just about the time she was getting better there was power cut and everywhere became dark and silent. ‘NEPA'! She exclaimed in anger.

She became furious. She got up went to the generator house to put on the gen and her heart broke when she realized there was no diesel in the gen or the jerry can.

Tricia walked away from the generator house and stood in the middle of the compound; irritated and very frustrated. ‘I'm taking over my world!' she said aloud to no one in particular.

Tricia went into the house to the bedroom, put on her pair of jeans bum shorts, a low neck fitted top revealing her very attractive cleavage; she put on a pair of flat shoes and drove Johnson's car out of the premises down the road to a night club she often saw on her way every time she came to Lagos to see Johnson.

The atmosphere in the club was hip and exciting, everyone was dancing and the DJ was just incredible. The atmosphere was charged and easily Tricia got into the mood and flowed with the groove.  She began to dance; Tricia is a fantastic dancer and in a short while she got the attention of many people at the club. One after another they guys walked up to dance with her on the dance floor and she obliged them. You see, Tricia could be mischievous at times and when she gets that way she could do some crazy things hence she began to dance crazy and seductively and all the guys became excited and interested in her.

A distance away from the dance floor was this guy sitting down and chilling all alone. He wore a fitted black T-shirt, which contrasted beautifully against his fair skin. He was well built, with the body of a disciplined athlete. Broad chested, six packs, powerful upper arms and guessing from his sitting posture couldn't have been shorter than six feet, two inches in height.

His strong thighs were made pronounced by his fitted blue jeans and this guy just had this sexy, penetrating and overwhelming gaze. There was something about his eyes and the way he looked that would arrest and make any lady begin to breathe very fast.

This guy kept looking at Tricia and Tricia noticed him. After a while Tricia became a bit nervous by his consistent stare; she suddenly felt his eyes all over her and it was as if he was undressing her with his eyes. Tricia suddenly felt warm all over; she became sensitive and uneasy and suddenly walked out of the club to get some air.

Tricia went towards the car she brought and leaned against it and began to breathe again. About 2 minutes later, she heard a strong, sexy voice from behind her saying ‘hello', she turned sharply and it was the guy staring at her in the club. Oh my God! she thought he is actually sexier than I thought, See his chest, shoulders, his firm tummy, Tricia began to imagine things. ‘Hello' she responded her voice croaky and breathless.

About an hour later, Tricia was sitting on the carpet in Johnson's apartment with her back against the long sofa; she had her arms folded around her knees drawn against her chest. She had managed to wear her top again but her jeans shorts was nowhere to be found, she was sobbing and had her face hidden between her pulled up knees. She felt so dirty and ashamed. How I could have done this, she thought to herself. I'm such a fool to have brought that guy, a total stranger back with me to my fiancés apartment. Now the so called fun is over and the guy just walked away immediately not looking back at me once; I don't even know his name.

How can I, about to wed indulge in this dirty, shameful act? Johnson would never do such to me? Oh God, I'm such a fool. She stayed in that position crying till early hours of the morning before she dozed off in that same position, she was very sad and disappointed in herself.

Back in Asaba five weeks later, Tricia walked out of the hospital stunned, she couldn't think, she couldn't react; she was in great shock, she just kept walking like a zombie along the road. As busy as the road was with all the noise and the hooting of car horns and the shouting, she heard nothing as she kept walking towards nowhere in particular; all she heard was the silence of that night five weeks ago in Johnson's apartment with the stranger from the club. She didn't even know his name; she is pregnant for a total stranger! Johnson, because of his strong religious beliefs didn't approve of sex before marriage and they've only made love once; like eight months ago.

And now her most trusted doctor saying because of the delicate nature of her system and organs now, abortion is not an option – could lead to her death or permanent damage of her reproductive organs. He knew her history; she as it were is done for.

Ladies and gentlemen, many of us due to pressure, frustration and circumstances have indulged in acts we wouldn't naturally do. We desperately want an escape hence we compromise or do foolish things. These acts could have very dire and tragic consequences.

Dear friend, no matter your situation, get a grip on yourself. Don't let your feelings overrule your thinking. Let your mind be straight and remain reasonable at all times.

Be conscious of the implication and outcomes of decisions and desires before you indulge. Let your superior mindset guide you always – not your feelings and emotions.


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