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By Frontiers Consulting on Fri, 01 July, 2016 09:51:24 AM.
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According to findings many new businesses in Nigeria die from inception.

If you pay attention, you would notice so many small or medium scale businesses spring up and in less than two to five years the business is no longer existing. A hair dressing salon, an eatery, a business centre, a restaurant, a supermarket, a boutique and so many other small businesses just seem to disappear within five years of inception.

Let's even look at much bigger businesses like big hotels, manufacturing companies, reputable eateries, big supermarkets, events centre, micro finance banks, and the likes, within five years to ten years of inception, if they are not dead, they are near dead.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Wed, 29 June, 2016 09:50:48 AM.
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I have a question for you today, what do you see? As a business man or a would-be business man, what do you see?

As you look around, as you watch the business environment in Nigeria, what do you see? In fact are you seeing anything?

You see many of us are struggling in business today because we venture into business without looking. We are motivated, inspired or compelled to venture into business based on personal reasons than realistic reasons.

I've heard many people say it, I've heard many teachers and motivational speakers say it, they say all you need to start a business is passion, then knowledge, hard work and perseverance and one day you will succeed.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Mon, 27 June, 2016 09:52:58 AM.
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  One of the most challenging aspect of managing a business successfully especially in Nigeria is in the human capital. The ability to successfully recruit the people with the right kind of behaviours, abilities, experience, skills, capacities and passion to help in the growth and development of your business is a very daunting one. Many entrepreneurs today, who ought to have grown their businesses rapidly and extensively are still struggling to survive simply because they can’t seem to put together the team with the right capacity and behaviours.

  Not having the right people in your team or employment can not only slow down your business growth, it can actually destroy your business.

  In Nigeria, most of us are not raised with a service mind-set. We were not raised to serve others, serve our communities, add value to others or even volunteer. We are good at complaining about everything, but hardly do we lift a finger to support anything meaningful, constructive or productive if there is nothing to gain, as it were, from it.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Fri, 24 June, 2016 09:41:53 AM.
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  Many people in business today even in Nigeria are superficial about many business concepts and appropriate application. Once they come across a new trend on the global scene, they quickly take it on, begin to apply and sell without a meticulous study and understanding of how it really works and how it can grow their businesses.

 Too many business people today keep talking about branding without a detailed understanding of the concept and how to use it. Many will give you the basic definition of branding when asked, they'll tell you it's the ability to create a unique and different identity for your product in the market place to enhance recognition, awareness and popularity - leading to increased patronage.They believe it's about using properties like colours, themes, textures, language, tone of voice, profile, packaging and association to promote preference and affinity.

 It sounds good and logical to brand but being good at managing all these effectively can actually destroy your product and potential in the market place if you ignore the core of branding.


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By Frontiers Consulting on Thu, 23 June, 2016 09:46:55 AM.
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  Many people keep working hard daily and hardly have much to show for it. We wake up very early each day and hit the road, our minds preoccupied with so many things we need to do, we are overwhelmed by how to effectively deliver on our daily tasks, we are thinking through how to make our days more productive and rewarding.

  We encounter setbacks, difficulties and unfavourable conditions. We are threatened by the need to meet up so as to sustain our livelihoods, we want to pay our bills and secure our future. We exert so much energy both physically and mentally daily. We keep working, thinking, struggling, fighting and hustling just to secure peace, comfort and a good life.


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By Frontiers Consulting on Mon, 06 June, 2016 02:11:42 PM.
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Many businesses today are struggling because they are finding it difficult to sell. The sales and marketing teams are doing all they can to push their products and facilitate consumer pull but it seems with all their efforts, nothing remarkable is happening; sales has become sticky.

For many businesses projected sales numbers isn’t happening hence revenue and income aren’t lookin  g good meanwhile overheads keep piling and other costs are rising.

We all know the continuous survival growth and expansion of any business is tied exclusively to their ability to sell and make profit. If this is not happening as expected or as projected, the survival of that business is under threat.

Many reputable businesses have existed for long in Nigeria, they’ve sold thousands or even millions of products to many customers but today, things aren’t going that well, sales figures aren’t looking good,  there is pressure, they are fighting real hard.

You know as business intellectuals and professionals, many of us are quite accustomed to the science, the technicalities and principles of business management. We’ve studied really hard, attended many trainings and courses, we’ve mastered several arts in business and we have the required experience and capacity to manage very complex business situations and trends.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Fri, 03 June, 2016 11:48:30 AM.
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Many people today are sceptical about transiting from paid employment to self-employment. Despite their competence, years of experience, exposure and capacity, they still want to remain in paid employment perhaps due to fear and the uncertainties of what self-employment portend. 

These guys over the years have worked very hard, learnt so much, they have made millions for their employers, and have effectively led teams and deliver on complex projects, yet, they are not eager to become owners and managers of their own businesses and enterprise.

Many who are not even in employment today but are gifted or have commercially viable skills don't want to start a business simply because of their mind set. Some lost their jobs many years ago, some have never worked after several years of graduating, yet don't consider owning their own businesses because of a mind-set and a thinking that is faulty

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By Frontiers Consulting on Wed, 17 February, 2016 10:49:31 AM.
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The power of the mind in channelling the course of your life can not be overemphasized.

All that we see today that is man-made started from the mind of some individual; structures, systems, processes, concepts, theories, discoveries, tools, inventions, products, materials and lifestyle were once upon a time, existing in the mind of some person somewhere.

Our world continues to evolve purely on the account of new thinking, new ideas and new creations. All of these start from the mind of various thinkers.

The greatest thinkers are the greatest leaders. Today, ideas not just knowledge, is power, the better the quality of thought, the better the quality of outputs, answers and solutions.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Sat, 21 November, 2015 12:43:25 PM.
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The word branding today has become a cliché, everywhere; everyone drops the word branding and it has, as it were, become a synonym for differentiation, packaging, identification superior presentation.

Branding dear friend, is beyond logos, colours, letterheads, envelopes, emails, beautiful websites, and call cards.

Branding is beyond corporate gift items: diaries, mugs, desktop calendars, key holders, pens and jotters.


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By Frontiers Consulting on Sat, 21 November, 2015 12:30:38 PM.
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The master key to dominating a trade or a field is to study those who have become successful and great in the business and then imitate their style creatively.

When you want to start a business, it really can be overwhelming to start thinking up a strategy that you hope will work and make you succeed in the business.

Truth is research is very key to starting a business. You must investigate the market, find out how things are done; learn the secret of the trade so as to participate to win.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Sat, 21 November, 2015 11:39:36 AM.
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Too many people have approached me to share with me their business ideas and concepts. They are enthusiastic because they like the business and most importantly 'many people are making money from it!’

I hate to hear this as a reason for going into business. Any business ambition, with money as the primary goal will sooner or later fail. Money should never be your number one motivation to start a business, instead, it should be the reward for your excellence in that business.

I then respond to these people saying, if many people are already in this business and making money from it, what makes you think joining them will be an advantage? Too many people are in it already and more people will definitely join subsequently, so how do you intend to out do all the players, all competitors and win all customers? They then go silent.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Sat, 21 November, 2015 11:06:34 AM.
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Many business folks are struggling in their businesses today. They can hardly break through at the end of a financial year, much less declare profit. Many intelligent, passionate and hardworking business folks are so broke and unhappy; they are not doing so well in business.

They’ve thought up all they can, tried all they can and applied all they know, yet no significant improvement.

Some have gone for trainings, read some relevant materials and paid keen attention to their work yet things aren’t working. They hence, end up discouraged, exasperated and then begin to blame the environment and every other factor for their frustrations.

Dear friend, the reality is, there are some people, doing your same kind of business, in your same environment, within the same situation but doing extremely well and declaring back to back profit.

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By Frontiers Consulting on Thu, 12 November, 2015 01:09:48 PM.
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When you walk into your boss's office for your performance review, you need a game plan. Documenting your accomplishments is a good starting point. But just as important, you need to know how to come out of the meeting with the information you need.

Here are some Experts advice on tips for handling this sometimes tricky conversation:

Ask Questions

If your boss says you're doing a great job, this could mean you're about to be promoted. It could also mean that your performance is just OK, but your boss didn't want to take the time to do a more thoughtful review. To find out which is the case, ask for details. What aspects of your performance stand out to your boss?

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By Frontiers Consulting on Thu, 12 November, 2015 12:53:09 PM.
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Gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man.

The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal outcomes for women and men, not exactly the same outcome for all individuals. Achieving this requires:

  • Workplaces to provide equal pay for women and men for work of equal or comparable    value.
  • The removal of barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce.
  • Access to all occupations and industries, including leadership roles, for women and men.
  • Elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, particularly in relation to family and caring responsibilities for both women and men.
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By Frontiers Consulting on Wed, 11 November, 2015 11:22:12 AM.
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A company's office is far more than just a roof over employees' heads. The headquarters of a company communicate the corporate personality and priorities to employees, investors and customers. Internally, the office can pay dividends if it inspires creativity and communication, but can hamper production if employees are desperate to escape every day at 5:00.

With this in mind, it's clear the office you choose can have long lasting effects on the success of your business. Whether you are looking at moving your small business into its first commercial space, upgrading your space to suit your company's growth or downsizing to help balance the books, here are the 3 major factors that should influence your search for the perfect office.

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