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Muyiwa Afolabi is the Group CEO of Frontiers International Services Limited; a human capital development and social reformation outfit.

He is a strategic thinker with world-class experience in value chain process management. He's acquired vast experience working with Nigerian Telecommunications Plc., MTN Nigeria, Cadbury Nigeria Plc. and Rosabel Leo Burnett Advertising Group as Customer Service Manager, Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Innovations Manager, Procurement Manager, Head of Advertising, Head; Operations & Business Strategy, Accounts Director.

While at these companies, he managed and supervised over four hundred and fifty office and field staff at a point, including international and regional colleagues, superiors, suppliers, contractors, regulatory bodies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

As an Employee Capacity Building Professional, he has trained thousands of employees in several world class business establishments across Telecoms, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Oil and Gas, Tourism, Hospitality, Media, Manufacturing, Aviation, Courier Services and the Public sector.

Muyiwa daily inspires tens of millions of Nigerians via his drive-time career and life coaching talk-shows on several radio stations.

Muyiwa believes Africans; black Africans are extremely intelligent, brilliant and hardworking. The bane on collective prosperity and rapid progress over several centuries however, include greed, self-centeredness, domestic dissention, treachery and fear. Muyiwa's passion is to improve the life quality of black Africans through mind-set change!

"You cannot change a man's life unless and until you change his mind-set", he says.
Muyiwa is passionately committed to transforming the mind-set of Africans to drive wealth creation, social development and economic emancipation in Africa and for Africans.

Muyiwa Afolabi is a man of vision, mission, result and positive relationships.

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